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Kids Bathroom Refresh with Home Depot

I've been dreaming of giving the girls a refresh to their bathroom for a while now. I wanted to give them a space that was unique to them. Something bold and bright because when you see the space before, it was anything but:

See what I mean? The blue countertops and wood cabinets were dated, the chrome hardware just didn't fit with the rest of the home and the walls were just plain boring. So to fix all that I headed to my local The Home Depot Canada to grab some paint and painting supplies. I was impressed by the selection of colours to choose from by BEHR paint. I had zero idea what I was looking for when it came to the *type* of paint I needed for the space so I was grateful for their store associates knowledge and they didn't make me feel bad for trying to tackle this DIY on my own, cause honestly, painting is such a doable DIY to completely transform the look and feel of a space.

Painting the Walls

Because it's such a small space and not a spot in our home we spend much time in, I was ok with the girls going wild with the colours. We went for a soft muted pink called Cameo Stone by Behr for the walls to keep the space light and bright but still have a fun hint of pink.

Before we got started on the walls, we had to do a bit of prep work to ensure the job went as seamless as possible. We gave them a good wash with T.S.P. to de-grease the walls to ensure the paint adhered to the walls as well as possible. Also, a great solution for getting those stubborn, stuck-on, fingerprints off of the walls. We taped off all our edges with painter's tape. This is a very tedious but essential step as it will save you so much frustration if you take that time to do it right. We also removed all the hardware and electrical cover plates. We also put down a plastic drop cloth. The walls in this bathroom were already quite light in colour and were freshly painted when we moved in only a few years ago, so we didn't bother to give it a prime but it is a recommended step you can take.

Next comes the exciting part -- getting that paint on the walls! I don't know about you, but I find actually seeing the paint on the walls is my favorite part! First, we started by doing the corners and edges with a paint brush. Then moved onto doing the rest of the wall with a roller brush and wire frame. After two coats of paint and enough drying time has passed, it's time to carefully remove the painter's tape and replace hardware and the electrical cover plates.

Painting the Vanity

I wanted to have some fun with the colour of the vanity so we went all out with a bold hot pink called Sunday Best by Behr that Mia chose all on her own! Pro tip: pick out a bunch of colours that you would be ok with your child choosing and then give them that stack to choose from. They will still feel like they are part of the decision-making process and you'll be happy with their choice! It's win-win!

Once everything is all taped off, hardware removed and doors taken off, it's time to start painting! As soon as I saw the pink come out of the can I was pretty excited. YUP, it's bold! The trick with painting the vanity is using a paint brush to get the paint right into all the nooks and crannies. Then once those hard to reach spots are sufficiently covered, it's time to roll it out with a roller brush using nice controlled rolls and not pushing so hard that paint is oozing out or that it's pushing paint around the surface of the vanity.

Painting the Hardware

Instead of purchasing brand new hardware, I wanted to give our existing hardware a few more good years. I also wanted to give the shower some extra space so I replaced the shower curtain rod with a curved shower rod by MOEN in the same matte black as the faucet and the hardware. We gave the hardware three separate coats of paint with about 12- 24 hours between each coat. Once dried it was time to reinstall! I'm so happy with how quick and easy this was to completely change the look and feel of the hardware for less than $10! 

Painting the Countertops

I needed to get rid of the blue countertops so we decided to do that same treatment that we did in my master bathroom. Using bright white paint and flecks that give the coolest terrazzo effect. I believe it took about 4 coats of the white to cover that blue up completely and then while the last coat was still wet we went in with the flecks and sprinkled them on. A good technique is putting a good bunch in your hand and blowing them so they don't all land in the same spot. It's a good idea to have some tweezers nearby in case you want to adjust any of your flecks. Once that last coat has dried completely, it's time to use a multi-purpose sealer. We used two coats and plenty of time to cure.


I opted for the same peel and stick floor tiles I have in my master bathroom and my laundry room. The brand is called FloorPops and I'm OBSESSED! They are durable, go down easily and look amazing! Highly recommend going this route if you can. Peel and stick tiles aren't recommended for floors that have in-floor heating as the adhesive can get too hot, etc.

Other Details

I swapped out the existing faucet for a faucet with a black matte finish. Here's one similar to mine. I also wanted to give the shower some extra space so I replaced the shower curtain rod with a curved shower rod by MOEN in the same matte black as the faucet and the hardware. I was so excited when I found this mirror from The Home Depot Canada. You guys! How perfect! A gold circle mirror under $90 -- I'm obsessed!!! I snagged this adorable bathmat with a hint of pink that matched the walls and vanity perfectly. The shower curtain is one of my favourite changes and I secretly had this in my shopping cart long before the first stroke of paint hit the walls. I love how it adds a fun layer of texture to the small space.

All in all, this transformation has made such a big difference to this little space. The girls are absolutely obsessed and so am I! It's a fun little space and I'm so happy we chose to go bold with the colour choices. At the end of the day, it's just a bit of paint. If we choose to change the colour of the vanity or the walls, I can do it myself, thanks to the help of the knowledgeable associates at Home Depot Canada in their paint department!



See something you like? You can shop the full gallery here!

*This blog post was sponsored by Home Depot Canada but as always, all opinions and experiences are my own. Thank you for continuing to support the brands and companies that support my blog and family.


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