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Master Bathroom Budget Refresh

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click and decide to make a purchase, Love & Sundays earns a small percentage without any additional costs to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this blog and the brands that help keep this space going.

There's a reason I've never taken any photos or made any videos of my master bathroom. I haven't been a fan of the color scheme since the day we moved in. It's one of the first rooms I see in the morning and frankly, it just wasn't energizing me and getting me pumped for another day, y'know? Of course, I have been dreaming of completely gutting the master ensuite, and let me tell you, I have BIG plans. But in the meantime, I really wanted to give the existing pieces a bit of a refresh and breathe some new life into them.

So... the moment you've all been waiting for -- THE REVEAL! Can you even believe the before shots in the video?

Can you believe all this came together under $1000!? If I was redesigning an Airbnb property or a long-term rental, this would be such a great way to take a complete builder basic bathroom and create a relaxing oasis.

So here's the low down on all the products I used to bring this project to life:

The existing countertops were just your classic beige melamine and just blah! I discovered Beyond Paint and really wanted to try it out on this space for an inexpensive countertop solution. I paired the Bright White with their Flecks for a terrazzo effect that I think is STUNNING. I mean, I know I'm biased but tell me that doesn't look impressive! It's important to remember to give your flecks layer a light sand and seal your countertop after applying the flecks with Beyond Paint's Multi-Purpose Sealer because you don't want them to come off! We ended up doing 2 layers of sealer but depending on how thick you layer your flecks, you may need more. The vanity was also given 3 coats of the Bright White before the flecks were added and depending on the colour of your laminate countertops, you may need more or less. We also used the Bright White on the tile around the tub and the wood enclosure and it took 4 coats for it to completely cover the previous surfaces well.

The floor tiles are Peel & Stick tiles by FloorPops and I'm just obsessed with this pattern! I really like the bold and modern pattern and it completely changed the vibe of the room. For reference, I used 4 boxes of tiles to complete this bathroom. I would suggest cleaning your floors very well with a degreaser product before installing the peel & stick tiles so ensure they adhere well. They go right over the existing tiles and are an inexpensive and quick way to update any space. Keep your eyes peeled over on my Instagram because I will have a video showing how we made the trickier cuts around the shower/toilet. This brand of floor tiles is actually the same product I used in my laundry room, just a different pattern, so if you are wondering how they hold up, the answer is VERY WELL!

The shelves above the toilet were made with Pine at Home Depot that I had them cut to the dimensions I wanted! I found these awesome Matte Black Brackets that really tie the space together. I could totally picture these used in kitchens as open shelves to display all of your favourite things! This is the only bathroom in our home that has a window and good natural light so I really wanted to create a earthy vibe with all of my plants babies. These adorable glass propagation bulbs were the perfect solution for our small bathroom and now I have plant babies for days!

The shelves beside the sink that I keep all my facial products and some decor on are the spice racks from Ikea painted white! Previous to this, I didn’t have any dedicated space for the items I use daily and they were just cluttering up our counter. At first I was going to just place one above the towel hook but realized that I could flip the spice rack upside down and have it serve both as a surface for storage and a spot for my hand towel too.

We switched out the faucets for beautiful Matte Black Faucets. Such a stunning upgrade that really elevates the space! We also replaced the lights above the vanity with these lovely Glass & Matte Black vanity light with gold details. I like how they tie in the black details in the space with the brass mirrors so everything has a nice flow.

The ledge above the bathtub was lovingly made to measure by my friend Mary-Ellen, the maker behind Power Designs. I asked her to make it wide enough so I could place some of my smaller plant babies on it and she nailed it perfectly. On the ledge is a custom piece by my dear friend Mallory of Oleander Mallory Art designed just for the space. If you look closely, you will see how beautifully she captured the girls and I. I just can’t stop staring at it!

All the hardware in the room was given a few coats of black Rustoleum Spray Paint! Such a great way to reuse what you already have and save a tonne of money! The shower door was also painted with Tremclade in Flat Black. I had thought we would spray paint the doors but after seeing some horror videos online, decided spray painting indoors wasn't a good idea. So instead of spending upwards of $800 on a new door with black trim, this was a great way to get the same look without the crazy price tag.

The two gold mirrors were from Buclair and I think they really look elegant in the space. The Ceiling Light Fixture was installed first to give me inspiration for this space. The living wall really came to life when I found these glass vases that hook onto the wall. Right now I've got some Pothos propagating in them. I think this is the perfect way to add some greenery to a space!

The bath caddy really is one of my favorite parts of the room and really inspires me to take the time I need and have a soak in the tub, read my book, and just zen out. This has quickly gone from being a space in our home I didn't really enjoy being in, to one of my favorite spots. I'm so happy with how it all came together and still can't believe we managed to pull this off for less than $1000!

Please feel free to reach out to me directly on Instagram if you have any questions. I'll also be sharing a video on Instagram shortly on how to cut the tiles because I was definitely intimidated by the number of angles and little ins and outs on our bathroom floor.




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