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Cold Weather Layers

Dressing for the cold weather and staying stylish is always a challenge for me. A key factor in staying warm is selecting warm and good quality materials to protect you from the elements. I love this wool pleated skirt because it is structured but still offers tons of movement. On an extra cold day you can wear tights or stockings under the skirt to keep you even warmer. I've paired it here with a slightly cropped turtleneck top so my neck is protected. An added bonus is that the cropped length of this top adds a little more length to my short frame... I will take all I can get in that department!

A good leather (or faux leather) jacket is a must have in your closet. You will find that you will reach for it all year round. I love using my jacket in the colder months to layer with because it is lightweight and doesn't add too much bulk to my outfit. Leather jackets are also extremely warm because they don't let any wind in. The key to staying warm is all about keeping that chilly breeze out so choosing materials that naturally do that will offer you warmth and comfort without the need for 100 layers.

The moment the air has a slight chill in it, you can be sure to see me with a scarf and a wool hat. Making sure your head and neck are warm and protected will ensure that you have a comfortable and cozy outing on any cold winter day. Of course you should always have a warm pair of gloves or mittens to keep those hands nice and toasty. I am terrible for remembering to bring my gloves anywhere and I'm always regretting it. Case in point, you don't see any gloves here! Oh, and another cold day essential is your favourite warm beverage, mine is most definitely are lattes... give me all of the lattes!

Thanks for reading my first Style post in a LONG time!

This year I'm making a conscious effort to do more of the things that make my heart smile. I love being a mom and I adore my new role (with all of the highs and lows) but I don't want to forget who I was before motherhood (and I did for a while) and more importantly the things that I enjoyed doing. Often times as new parents we can start losing our identities as individuals as we wear our 'mom' or 'dad' hats... we forget what we reached for to give us comfort, or the things we enjoyed doing with our endless amounts of free time, or so it seemed in comparison to now.

I have been scheduling in the time on a weekly basis to do something I want to do and not have to do and I think that is so important. Whether it is a class or a workshop you have been meaning to do or getting back into a regular fitness routine... do it! Schedule that time for yourself to recharge and reenergize so when you do spend with your family, you are the best possible version of yourself... happy, healthy, and content.

Until next time!



Hat: h&m (old) but similar here | Scarf: h&m (old) but similar here | Top: Forever21 (old) but similar here | Jacket: Zara (old) but similar here | Skirt: Aritzia | Booties: Ninewest (old) but similar here

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