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Four Daycare or Back to School Looks for Under $100 with Sears Canada

I get asked often about daycare outfits that are comfortable, stylish and functional for the kiddos so I've partnered up with Sears Canada to bring you 8 pieces that check off all three... and the best part? My shopping cart total was less than $100.00!

When looking for clothes for daycare it's important to remember what type of activities that they take part in daily. So think about nap time, outdoor play (i.e. playground, parks and walks) and indoor play (i.e arts and crafts, experiments and baby yoga) because you want their clothes to transition well through all of those activities.

We got some adorable basics that will keep Mia comfortable and stylish for daycare and here is a breakdown of the pieces!

- Black Jeggings ($12.97) are one of my go to items for myself for work because they are so comfortable for a long 12 hour shift so naturally I knew they would be great for Mia for a day of playing and exploring. The best thing is that they are black and will show less wear over time with all the mess that comes from learning hands on at their age.

- A striped long sleeve ($7.97) shirt is a staple for anyone at any age and this one is stretchy and comfortable for all the running that Mia does!

- A warm zip up sweater ($14.97) for the transition into fall from wearing no jacket to soon needing a warmer layer for the colder months. I love this one because it's grey (you know how much I love grey!) but still but has the stars on it for a fun pattern. Mia loves this sweater because she has recently started to "sing" twinkle twinkle little star and gravitates towards anything with a star these days!

- Comfortable athletic tights ($12.97) for her baby yoga sessions at daycare that will be starting up soon (or gym class for school aged kiddos) are so comfy looking that I kind of want a pair for myself to twin with her!

- An easy to wear white tee shirt ($3.97) is so great as a layering piece for the kids and you can ever have to many tee shirts in the drawer for a toddler!

- A soft crewneck sweater ($12.97) as a quick layering piece for the cooler days is essential and how adorable is this blush pink one with the heart? I saw it and knew it was perfect for Mia!

- A Peppa the Pig backpack ($14.97) is a pick Mia was so excited for! I showed her the backpack options and she started clapping and shouting "Peppa Pig" for the next 10 minutes. They sure know what they like!

- These Ballerina flats (on sale for $5.96) are so adorable and actually stay on so well because they have a strecthy band over the top of the shoe... and for less than $6.00 a pair on sale, you certainly can't go wrong! If you guys follow me on Instagram you know my love for metallic footwear so now be warned that you will see some twinning shots soon!

So after taxes my order came to $99.76 and we couldn't be more happy to have all of these great pieces from Sears Canada for Mia!

I hope you found some inspiration for your back to school shopping with the pieces that I chose for Mia and I can't wait to hear what your kiddos are sporting this year!



This post was sponsored by Sears Canada but as always, all opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands and companies that support my family and I.

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