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Myla’s Sparkling Friends™

This blog post is sponsored by VTech. VTech compensates me for my time, but all opinions are of my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that help support my family and blog.

With Mía starting big school this fall, we have a couple hours in the afternoon together which have quickly become a treasured time of day for the two of us to bond and play together without her little sister around. I forgot what one-on-one time with my oldest was like, and I'm here for it! I wish I could just bottle up these moments and save them forever.

It's safe to say my oldest baby is growing up and so is her taste in toys. We were sent Myla’s Sparkling Friends™ from our friends at VTech Canada and Mía has been enjoying playing with these big girl toys. This product line is an extension of Myla the Magical Unicorn from VTech Canada. I love that these toys are just as interactive and engaging as the other VTech toys she's been playing with since she was a little tot, but with the added pizzaz and spunk my five-year-old has been craving from her toys.

Each of the six magical creatures use colour play technology with sensors that light up with a kaleidoscope of colours when you touch them. She loves that they talk and sing when she interacts with them and that she can change their colours with a touch of the finger. The complete lineup includes Piper the Dragon, Finn the Fox, Riley the Unicorn, Ava the Fox, Penny the Peacock and Mía's personal favourite: Mia the Unicorn. Collect them all!

With the interactivity our family has come to know, love and trust from VTech, I love that these toys encourage Mía to talk about her feelings and mood. With more than 100 fun responses, playtime truly is endless. Even on those rainy fall afternoons when we're stuck indoors, I know Mia won’t be bored, at least not with Myla’s Sparkling Friends™!

Just like me at her age, Mia is obsessed with playing with toys with hair so she can practice doing hairstyles and putting in hair clips. She loves that each of the friends in the collection comes with little accessories that she can use on the toy or in her own hair (or mine!). This has played a role in giving her the confidence to get herself ready in the mornings before school and to experiment a little with different hair styles. Cue the water works -- my baby really is growing up!

We love the price point of Myla’s Sparkling Friends™ and I think they will make a really great Christmas gift or a birthday present for one of Mía's friends.

Myla’s Sparkling Friends™ are intended for children ages 4+ so that means Mia is able to have a few of her own special toys that she doesn't have to share with Aria. She loves that little bit of independence that comes with having something of your very own.

Maybe I can't bottle up these moments her and I spend just the two of us, but they sure do make great memories that I hope she can hold on to forever.

They are available now at: Toys R Us, Walmart, Amazon, Indigo and Mastermind Toys.

For more information on Myla and Myla’s Sparkling Friends visit:




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