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Create Your Taste with McDonald's

Did you hear? McDonald's is bringing a whole new dining experience to their customers with their Create Your Taste Kiosks. You can go into most locations now and use one of their new kiosks to stack your burger just how you want it and with as many patties as you want actually. Looking for a low carb option? Opt to try their lettuce wrap instead of a traditional bun and deck it out to your hearts desire with some new toppings, like sriracha or their garlic aioli just to name a few.

The best thing about this new dining experience is how quick and easy it was from start to finish. You are pleasantly greeted at the kiosks by a guest experience leader that will help you order and create your special meal and when you are all done, you just take the seat of your choice. That's right, you don't have to linger around the counter waiting for your order to be called out and repeatedly telling new patrons that you have already ordered and aren't waiting in line. This is great news for families with young (and probably impatient children) or especially if you are the sole parent, you will be able to swiftly order and take a seat with the kiddies. Your order goes directly to their Create Your Taste Chef and he or she will spare no attention to detail whilst creating your meal before your guest experience leader serves you at your table. I created my angus beef burger with a sesame bun, their new grainy mustard, ketchup, lots of bacon (yes, you can add as much as you want), lettuce, and pickles. It came out in a jiffy and everything was so fresh and had that homemade feel to it. I also went back a few weeks later and got myself a lettuce wrap with garlic aioli and it was just perfection prior to heading to the lake. I can just imagine how much easier it will be to choose McDonald's as a spot to dine when I'm with a group of friends who all have tastebuds that sing a different tune.

Now, if you are thinking that the word kiosk means less employment opportunities, you will be happy to know that this new roll out across their restaurants will actually generate 330 new local jobs right here in Nova Scotia alone. That was one of my first questions to the owner/operator when we chit chatted about the exciting new dining experience at his location. He was just beaming, he was so proud of how great his staff was that we even got a chance to meet our Chef for the event.

Not quite sold on changing your ordering style or favourite combo at McDonald's? Don't worry, you can still order the old fashion way if that is what makes your heart smile. There is truly something for everyone now at McDonald's.

xo Thanh

This post was sponsored by McDonald's but all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting my sponsors

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