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Wee Nation Subscription Boxes

Now that I am a mama to a spunky little tot, I am beyond thrilled that Jessica and Jillian have introduced Wee Nation onto the subscription box market. What I love most about these monthly boxes are all of the curated Canadian made items that fills them. Many of the small shops that are selected to contribute to the boxes are motivated mamas that have found their entrepreneur hats and wear them proudly. This is also a fantastic way for me to get familiarized with so many great Canadian brands and shops without spending hours trolling Instagram... I mean, I do that anyway, but you get my point!

The ladies behind Wee Nation. Jessica and Jillian started out as kindergarten friends and both became mamas later in life who saw a need for a Canadian focused subscription box for the tots. Unlike most people who see a need for something and do nothing, they set out to do something about it and Wee Nation was born.

How it works. You go to their website and select how many months (they range from monthly to pre paying for 6 months) you want to sign up for, the age range (newborn to 2 years old) of your child, and the gender of your child. Easy Peasy! Now you just have to sit back and wait for your mail personnel to deliver the goodies to your door each month. Make sure you sign up before the 21st of each month to ensure that your tot gets his or her box the following month.

What was in the April Big Baby Box for Mía. It's almost like the ladies of Wee Nation are psychic, how did they know I was starting solids for Mía just weeks before this box arrived on our doorstep. We were very excited to see a few bags of Love Child Organics baby food included amongst the goodies because Mía goes crazy with excitement when she sees me take out one for her. Wee Nation and Love Child Organics have entered into a lovely partnership so you can expect to see their products each month across all of the boxes. She also got a cute "feed me" set of a wooden spoon and fork and a leather clip from Baby Bushkii. The spoon and fork are actually proportioned for her hands and mouth perfectly, seriously too cute! For the last 3 weeks Mía has been working hard on cutting her two bottom teeth so the solid hardwood teething rattle by l'Atelier Cheval de Bois is going to certainly get used. Other fun items included was a children's CD by Ginalina (a CBC kids recording artist) and an 8x10 print with the cutest phrase that is ready to frame for any nursery. Oh and there was something for us mamas in there too, a delightful oatmeal cookie bath bomb from Call Me Sugar Cosmetics for the next time I get a moment to treat myself to a quiet uninterrupted bath.

Previous month's items. I just wanted to do a quick comparison of the March box items so you can see the variety of items that you would get each month. Last month was definitely clothing themed, and it got me hooked! Mía received a cute graphic baseball jersey by Vagabond Babe (it's still a bit too big for her so she hasn't worn it yet, but soon!), a hip little slouchy hat from Charlee Dee (she wears it often and loves it), a trendy monochrome bandana bib from Mawdsley Loves (we are obsessed with anything black and white), and an all natural and organic baby balm by Sauce for Skin (moisturizing and non-greasy!).

If you are interested in trying out these amazing boxes (there are 11 Canadian themed boxes and 1 American themed box to get excited for over the course of a year) then use my promo code of "SUNMON10" at checkout to get 10% off your first box. We are hooked and will be eagerly waiting our boxes at the start of each month!

Do any of you subscribe to monthly boxes for yourselves? If so, I would love to hear about them so comment below or send me a message.

Thanh xo

P.S. Isn't it funny how we buy lovely, cute, and educational things for our tots but of course they gravitate towards the tags or in this case... the crinkle packing paper!

**These boxes were sent to me for a review in return, however, the opinions are solely mine**

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