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Be Aware of Your Driving Habits With Drivewise

*This blog post was sponsored by Allstate Canada but as always all opinions expressed are solely my own. Thanks for supporting the brands and companies that help support my family and this blog.

As a mom of two young girls with so much on my plate, I hate to admit that I can sometimes find myself distracted or rushing while behind the wheel. This is something I’m eager to change, and I’m grateful that Allstate Canada has created the perfect program to help me do just that. Awareness is the first step. 

I’m so excited about the Drivewise app that Allstate Canada has designed to help me become a better, safer driver. It’s an easy-to-use app that is completely confidential and free! The app tracks driving behaviours for a six-month period, noting things like excessive speed and any hard braking habits. Once I started tracking my driving behaviours, I became more aware of my habits. I found myself ensuring that there wouldn't be any distractions before I went on any trips. This involves having my phone out of sight and reach, and securing any loose objects in the car. Not only am I making driving changes to be safer, but I’m being rewarded for it. When you register with the Drivewise program at Allstate Canada, you gain the opportunity to receive up to 30% off auto insurance policies. The safer your driving records are on the app, the more you can save on insurance. The best part is, rates don’t go up - they can only go down. Allstate Canada has safety as their top priority, and this app is a perfect example of their commitment to making positive change. If you’re an Allstate customer, get in touch with an Allstate Canada Agent to register for the free program. If you’re not an Allstate customer, you can download the free TESTDrivewise app available on Apple and Android app stores to see if the program is right for you. The safer you drive, the more you save. What do you have to lose? Learn more HERE .

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