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Review: Valco Baby Tri Mode X Tailormade Stroller

Purchasing your first stroller can be so overwhelming and quite frankly confusing. I remember when we were looking for a stroller for Mía I think I spent about 2 weeks researching online and watching countless YouTube videos to narrow down the list. Finally, we were ready to go and test drive our top three choices... well, I can tell you that we were even more confused when we left the store. Why? We ended up leaving only knowing that our top three options were not the right fit for us at all!

A few friends told me that I shouldn't put so much pressure on myself to find the PERFECT stroller for LIFE... because that does not exist and I will likely own more than one before another child enters the picture. I thought they were nuts but of course, here I am and I have a second stroller.

The stroller we had chosen was a great fit for our lifestyle and needs when Mía was smaller but there were some things I realized I was still wishing were different. Now that we using the stroller seat only and not clicking in a car seat, I quickly realized that I needed something a little lighter to lug in and out of the car. This year marked our first (and long) winter commuting to daycare four times a week via stroller and I can tell you that having large air-filled tires is a MUST to get anywhere. There were days when there was too much snow for my stroller that I needed to just carry her to daycare.

When an opportunity to partner up with Valco Baby came to me I was ecstatic because not only had I been coveting their sleek designs, but it came at the perfect time when I was just so tired of fighting the snow covered sidewalks with our old stroller.

Here are some of the features that I love about the Tri Mode X Tailormade Stroller and why It's the perfect fit for Mia's age and our lifestyle right now.

Lightweight - This stroller is lighter than the stroller I had previously and that is a win for me! I'm not very tall and we own an SUV so you can immediately picture my dilemma.

One Motion Fold - This is a must for any stroller! You will be out and about and have so many things to juggle that the easier it is to get that stroller packed up the better.

Large Basket - I never understood why some strollers only had a tiny little pouch or a basket large enough to fit... what one shoe? Do they not realize how much stuff babies and mamas need when they are out? This one is spacious enough for me to put in Mia's daycare bag, my work tote, stroller rain cover, and my lunch bag... now that is pretty good!

Air-filled Tires - When we purchased our first stroller we didn't have this at the top of our list of must haves, maybe it was because our lifestyle was not calling for it yet. I will tell you right now that there is nothing compared to the smooth drive of air-filled tires. They are also amazing in the snow during some questionable winter walks. They are worth the hype!

Three Wheels - My old stroller has 4 wheels and Jon and I are at odds. He prefers the 4 wheels and I prefer the 3 wheels. For me, I find it easier to maneuver and change directions quickly if I need to... mainly when I'm also walking our dog and she goes nuts over something.

Large Canopy - This is my FAVORITE feature of this stroller. I don't know how many times Mia was napping in the old stroller and a gust of wind would sneak underneath and wake her up... but it was too many! This canopy has great extension with the first unzip but when fully extended it pretty much encloses her perfectly. This is also amazing to have if you are out and it starts raining spontaneously and you don't have enough time to fuss around with a rain cover.

Toddler Seat Attachment - This stroller has a toddler seat attachment that attaches on top of the current stroller seat and allows for the toddler to be high up to take in all of the views. I love the option of it growing with us when our family grows too.

No, we are not expecting yet... CALM DOWN! haha

Amazing features aside, they also make mini versions of their strollers and prams for your kiddies that like to copy everything you do. How freakin' adorable is this mini version of Mia's stroller? she loves piling in her stuffies and taking them for a walk!

Buying a stroller is so tough and a big decision so if you guys have any questions or what to chat strollers, PLEASE contact me via the Contact page or Direct Message me on Instagram (@loveandsundays) ... lets face it, I'm on Instagram always so that would be the fastest way of getting a hold of me (#sorrynotsorry).



All Images by: Amy Lee Studio

**This was a collaborative post with Valco Baby Canada. However, all opinions expressed were my own.**

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