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Spring Cleaning with Maritime Cleaners + A Giveaway

If you guys have been following along with me over the past few months you would have heard me pleading (on Insta Stories) for advice on finding the work/life balance... if there is such a thing! I have returned to work full time and I am honestly finding it hard to juggle all things home (ie. housework, meal prep, organizing, etc) and work and blog...yikes!

Right before I returned to work we had hired a cleaning company to test it out and see if it would work well with our needs. It was a disaster! This company came recommended (if you want to know the name message me) to us and they boasted for being bonded and insured and we had high hopes. Let's just say that they damaged more than they cleaned and the time I thought I was saving was spent on the phone getting quotes for reimbursement of the damage. We took a break for a few months but again felt like we could use some help again so we hired on a private cleaner that was recommended by a friend. This situation was great for us and the cleaning was what we expected for the first few visits but slowly I started to notice some slacking on their part and the quality of the cleanings were just not up to par anymore.

Now, you may be wondering if I am a client from hell... I would like to think I'm not. I mean, at the end of the day we are paying for a service and expect the level of work to stay consistent to the standards that were outlined to us in the beginning. I mean, that's fair right? So we took some time off of having a cleaning service for a bit again and when a collaboration with a Halifax Cleaning Company, Maritime Cleaners came my way it was like our prayers had been answered. I will be the first to say I was a little hesitant given my previous experiences with cleaning services but I kept my mind open and positive for this one.

First off, they sent the sweetest young women who arrived on time and ready to get down to business. I wondered if she knew if I had a collaboration with the company so I naturally asked my questions about what was on her schedule to clean today. She told me she does everything and anything I wanted her to focus on. She didn't appear to know that I would be reviewing her work so I didn't spill the beans. She started in the two bathrooms and worked her way through the three bedrooms, kitchen, and ended with the common area. I knew this was going to be am excellent clean when she asked me if I needed the bedding in the bedrooms changed and where the clean bedding was... is that a thing? I was never asked that previously. I noticed that she lifted the sofa cushions and tackled the black hole for toddler snacks and toys, she vacuumed all the way under our king size bed (I know this because she found a few items I thought were long gone), and she tidied up all of Mía's toys.

Now, our home was in terrible need of a deep clean so maybe it would have been quicker for someone else's home but she did spend about 4 hours with us. I also did not get a chance to declutter and get things organized before she came (my bad, but the reality) so again, she could be a lot faster the next time. This could be a wonderful new relationship and maybe now that I will have a set time to adhere to it will force me to declutter and organize more regularly. We were exceedingly happy with our experience with Maritime Cleaners and totally look forward to having the sweet women back on a regular basis. I even wrote a yelp review about it, and I have never written one before in my life!

Now, onto the giveaway, because let's face it... I love giving back to you guys! Maritime Cleaners and I are giving away a FREE standard clean AND luxury box from Made By Collection to one lucky reader! A total prize value of over $200.00 but more importantly the priceless prize of more free time to spend with your family.

All you have to do is go to this CONTEST LINK and enter your info and there are a few ways of getting some bonus entries too. You have from March 14th until March 27th to enter, so good luck! Oh, and it should be obvious that in order to win the cleaning you need to live in the HRM area!

*This is a sponsored post and I was given a complimentary standard cleaning in exchange for my review, however all opinions and thoughts expressed are solely my own*



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