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A week of good eats and visiting with friends

We were a one vehicle household before we had Mía because we lived in walking distance to my work place and that worked well for us. However, since being on maternity leave I have realized the need for having access to some sort of transportation throughout the week so you don't feel so housebound, especially in the colder months. When I was given the opportunity to test out a Ford C-Max car for a week I was so excited at the thought of having the freedom to come and go with Mía as pleased without having to organize/schedule alternate transportation for the hubby to get to work.

I had really wanted to be able to take Mía on a nice hiking trail further from the Peninsula, one that we don't get the opportunity to go to often, but the weather was not on our side. Instead we opted for some yummy eats and visits with friends that we don't get to see a lot.

First up was brunch at Edible Matters and honestly, I can't believe it has taken me this long to get out there and try this place. This adorable spot is just off of the Hammonds Plains road and you can expect very few seats empty because their brunch is delicious! One of the first things I look for on a brunch menu is freshly squeezed juice and to me, it is a sign of a good brunch spot. There is nothing better than a glass of freshly squeezed OJ and a plate of old fashion waffles and fried chicken... it was a fantastic way to start off our Sunday. That afternoon we drove to Fall River to enjoy some delicious homemade Icelandic Bollur (Chocolate glazed, cream filled puff pastries)... need I say more?

After our Parent and Baby class at Cyclone Fitness I took Mía to Dartmouth to visit with a dear friend and her little boy and we enjoyed a brisk but nice walk around the downtown core. We had yummy lattes and baked goods at Two if by the Sea Café, one of my favourite bakeries that I don't get to visit often enough because we are so far away. Make sure you come early in the day if you want your selection of treats because thy sell out quick, no surprise there! After we were warm and full we walked just a few minutes to visit a cute maternity and nursing clothing store called Hazelnut and Rose. The store walls were lined with trendy clothing that at first glance you wouldn't suspect them to be maternity or nursing related (how it should be) and the owner is the sweetest and told us that she named the store after her two little ones at home. I love seeing mommas that have a business idea and make it happen!

On our last day (rainy day at that) of having the freedom to roam a little further than our neighbourhood, we chose to pick up a few friends and head to the Scotiabank theatre in Bayers Lake to go to a Stars and Strollers movie. This was our first time being able to go because the showtime is only on Wednesday and normally Mía and I only have access to a vehicle on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. They had a choice of two movies for us and the babies to enjoy and outside of the theatre they had a roped off area for us to park the strollers. Inside the theatre there was a change table, diaper pail, bottle warmer (although it wasn't plugged in or close to an outlet), and a few play mats on the floor. To end off our movie day we stopped into Hali Deli to indulge in a burger on the last day of Burger Week. It was so delicious and certainly a great way to end our week of freedom... with a vehicle that is!

Thanks again to Ford Canada and Steele Ford Lincoln for giving me the pleasure of having the freedom to go all over the HRM and Dartmouth with the new C-Max to do some fun things with Mía that I may not get to do often!

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