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Twinning with Mía

I've been on the hunt for a pair of matching pom pom hats for Mía and I for the past few months and when the search yielded zero results, I knew I had to go custom. For a while now I had been admiring the beautiful hand knitted creations from Lily Lake Knits so I reached out to see if Jenny would be able to bring to life what I had been envisioning. Not only did she jump at the chance to take on the task of knitting an infant hat (which is outside of her typical projects) but went out of her way to ensure that we loved the texture of the yarn blend and type of stitch used. She even sourced out some amazing pom poms (again, something that she normally doesn't work with) from Janine of In Hattie's Attic. I am a detailed orientated person so I really appreciated the fact that Jenny was as well. She was great at communicating with me to ensure that the yarn blend (50% sheeps wool/ 50% acrylic) and size/fit of the hat for Mía be just right. She chose a stitch that allows for some stretching so Mía can enjoy this lovely piece for several years to come. Oh, and the best detail of all is that she made the fur pom poms detachable for easy washing or if we wanted to change up our look... genius!

Let's chat about these hat toppers for a minute. These amazing over-sized pom poms are made from upcycling vintage fox fur clothing items. I love that Janine found a way to take a fur clothing item that may have been otherwise discarded to create adorable and trendy accessories like pom poms, headbands and collars.

We have some talented people in Nova Scotia and I love supporting talented local crafters when I can. These two amazing ladies get our stamp of approval ten times over! I kind of love twinning with Mía and will probably take advantage of this for as long as she will let me! Because eventually she will be "too cool" to hang out with mom all the time right?

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